June 3 - Trinity Sunday
June 14 - Flag Day
June 17 - Father's Day
June 20 - First Day of Summer


June 6 - Fellowship Dinner
call 834-3300 reservations
call Peg 885-8634 to help assist/cook

June 6 - Jessie Circle Luncheon
at Village Peddler 11:30am
call Maidene 834-2222 to reserve
all ladies welcome!

June 25 - 29 : VBS
join us for fun,crafts, lessons, music!!
call church to reserve 834-3300



Resumes are now being accepted to fill the position of secretary/treasurer at Shiloh. This is a part-time position (4 hours in the morning) The candidate should posses good people and computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel) QuickBooks experience is a plus, also, but not necessary.  Confidentiality is a MUST! If you would like to know more about the position please contact Lisa Salter or Doug Schlabach.  If you would like to submit a resume’ please send it to:

 Shiloh Presbyterian
217 Washington St.
St Marys, PA  15857
Att: Doug Schlabach, Personnel

The Adult Sunday School Class will be starting a new lesson beginning in February.  The title of the material is “Conversations with Jesus”
and should be a very interesting walk through the scriptures. 
Please join us at 9:15 AM  Sunday mornings.

"It has come to my attention that people have sent e-mails to me that I have not received due to the wrong email address that was printed in the church directory. My correct e-mail is davecat2@windstream.net


Dave Catalano

Anyone who works with children at Shiloh is required to have a background check.  Please bring a copy of your background check to the office.  If you have any questions, please call Lisa @ 834-3300.  If you haven’t obtained a background check or you need to update yours, we will need to take care of it ASAP!  Thanks for your cooperation!

Women's Bible Study starting in January 

The study is entitled: "Loving God with all Your Mind" by Elizabeth George.  It includes six 30 minute session on DVD and a workbook that will cost approximately $10.00. 

The group will begin on January 4th at 10 am in the Geuder Room of the CEC.  If you would like a book ordered for you, please contact Peg Hayes at 885-8634.  Hope to see you there. 

This, of course is for all the women of Shiloh, even those who have never attended a Bible study in the past.  "If you've struggled with worry, frustration, or discouragement...if you sometimes wonder if God knows what He's doing... 

Elizabeth George helps you understand how to:
*handle your emotions by focusing on what is true about God and about life
*grasp His purpose for your life and move toward it
*trust Him in new ways and find inner peace in your circumstances 

Centering your life around God's truth will help you put your love for Him into action.  And as your thinking changes, your life will too!"

If you are planning a special event in the parish hall, please contact Anne Meyer (781-7144) as the Bell Choir has regular rehearsals immediately following church each Sunday.  Your consideration of the CEC for events is greatly appreciated.

HELLO!  My name is Andrea Cuneo and I am your new librarian.  I will post my schedule outside the door in the CEC so you all know when I will be in.  Also, any idea and suggestions are welcomed.  If you need something just let me know. 

My home phone is 772-4433 and my cell is 512-4117. 

The Deacons would like to remind everyone of the wonderful resource here in St. Marys of the Adult Day Services.  It is located at 625 Maurus St and is available Monday thru Friday from 6:30 Am to 5:30 PM.  If you know of anyone who could use these services why not suggest they call 781-8253.

Guitar and Piano Lessons

If you are interested in taking guitar or piano lessons, an opportunity is being given to those who attend Shiloh.  The lessons would be free but there would be the cost of securing a guitar, music books and an upfront fee to show serious intent.  Practice times would be scheduled for those taking piano to practice in the CEC.
This is open to adults and children - school age and up.  Times and scheduling of lessons will be organized based on interest and numbers.

If you have an interest in guitar or questions call Lindsay Moore.

If you have an interest in piano or questions, call Peg Hayes.


Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a special weekly video seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. If you know someone going through a divorce, make sure they know about
Divorce Care.

 It might just be the best thing you could do to help.

DivorceCare meets every Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm at Shiloh Presbyterian Church, 217 Washington St., St. Marys, PA. Brochures and information are available by calling the church at 834-3300. Nancy Martin at 781-6333. Dave& Cindy Catalano at 834-3002

Shiloh offers Divorce Care support Thursdays @ 6:30pm.  Click on this video presentation to see how we can help.
Please contact Dave Catalano if you'd like more information.

Sunday School

Youth Group
is still meeting every Sunday from 7:00 until 8:30 PM.  We are having some fun and would like to keep the invitation open for all of you.  We know that things are especially busy at this time in your life, but remember, there are others going through similar experiences who can offer support and laughter to help you through.  God can be the focal point in your life, no matter your age or level of outside commitment.  This is a great way to de-stress from a busy week and find out that there is support for your walk with Jesus. Regular attendance is encouraged, but we welcome you whenever you can make it. A strong youth group shows a strong church and you are the future. Your thoughts and ideas will be heard.

We are also starting to plan for next years mission trip. We may not be able to make it as far as Arizona next year, but are looking into places close enough to drive. We need your input and ideas. 

Any Questions call Terri Supon @ 834-9729 or Jay and Lindsay Moore @ 929-5254